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2nd Annual Spirit Night Raises Money for GO See Foundation

2nd Annual Spirit Night October 24, 2018

Thanks To All Who Attended

The GO See Foundation held it’s 2nd Annual Spirit Night at McLintock’s Saloon in the Village of Arroyo Grande. All of our south county friends were there in support of the cause. It was one of our best fundraisers to date (and they’ve all been good). Thanks for your continued support of our foundation and all your donations.

Visually Impaired Riders Complete 30-Mile Classique

GO See Team Rides CC Classique 30-Mile Ride

Visually Impaired Ride Tandem

Two visually impaired riders and their captains were sponsored by the foundation and completed the 30-mile ride at this year’s annual Central Coast Classique as part of Team GO See.

GO See Foundation founder, Allyson Buerger was the “Stoker” with her “Captain,” Deana Steen while Susan Nazionale stoked for her Captain, Kevin Coburn. All four riders enjoyed the ride from Arroyo Grande to Avila Beach and back.

The morning began cool and foggy in Arroyo Grande at the starting line:

Starting Line (l-r) | Bike 1 – Deana (captain), Allyson (stoker) | Bike 2 – Susan (stoker), Kevin (captain)

The 15 Mile Marker was in Avila Beach

15 Mile Marker Allyson and Deana Take a Short Break

At the Finish Line, the riders still had plenty of energy to joke around and celebrate a great day of getting out and being engaged in their world:

At the Finish Line (l-r) – Susan, Allyson, Kevin and Deana

If you are interested in riding in next year’s Central Coast Classique, let us know through our contact box at the bottom of our main web page or through the comments here. We would love to have several visually impaired riders showing everyone that you can still be active even with vision loss.

GO See Founder Prepares For 30-Mile Ride

GO See Sponsors Riders for Central Coast Classique

Founder Prepares for 30-Mile Ride

The annual Central Coast Classique bike ride is coming up Saturday, September 30. This year, the GO See Foundation is sponsoring four riders on two tandem bikes in the 30-Mile Ride.

GO See Foundation founder, Allyson Buerger will be the Stoker of Bike 1 with Captain, Deana Steen (both pictured above). Meanwhile, Susan Nazionale will be riding with Kevin Coburn in Bike 2. All four riders are being sponsored by the GO See Foundation which hopes to sponsor more riders next year.

More information on the Central Coast Classique is at

Central Coast Classique September 30, 2017

Central Coast Classique September 30, 2017

Visually Impaired Encouraged to Ride Tandem

The annual Central Coast Classique bike ride is scheduled for Saturday, September 30. Last year a group from San Diego brought in visually impaired tandem riders (with a fully sighted volunteer “captain” on each bike). This is something that has been offered on the Central Coast for many years through Cal Poly’s EyeCycle program.

An article in the September Issue of the SLO Journal Plus Magazine features the Central Coast Classique as well as some of our GO See Foundation founder, Allyson’s story. You can read the article at

If you are interested in riding, either as a visually impaired “stoker” or as a fully sighted “captain,” please let us know through our contact box at the bottom of our main web page.